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A short tutorial on being a Touch Nepal Fundraiser.

Have you ever bought a Girl Scout cookie?

Of course! Oh those delicious Thin Mints, Samoas and Shortbreads. We love them, we buy them, we eat them and we do it again! 



First we want to assure you that you don't have to stand in front of the grocery store and sell cookies for us. But there is a very important lesson we want to share about the Girl Scouts, their success and how they fundraise. 

The most important strength to understand how the Girl Scouts grew into a household name, is to understand how they connect to people.

Most of us have bought a box of cookies from a Girl Scout that we know. An individual Girl Scout, starts out with bringing the story of the Girls Scouts (and yes the product which supports the Girl Scouts) to their friends, family and neighbors first.  Ask yourself this question, would you be more likely to buy cookies and support the Girl Scouts if I came to your door, or if your sweet neighbor's daughter Lily from down the street came to your door? Easy question to answer yeah? Lily would get the sale! Not only that, specifically because you know her, you are more likely to say yes faster and donate more! This is a style of fundraising known as Peer To Peer or sometimes just called P2P fundraising. Can you believe that your dear Grandmother would have taken part of one of the first and most well known Peer To Peer Fundraising campaigns to ever exist? If she was a Girl Scout she likely did. 

One of the reasons peer-to-peer fundraising is so effective is that new donors are not being approached by complete strangers; they are being asked by you!

To the person who will see your fundraising campaign, you are likely either a close friend, friend, relative, family or at the most, a friend of a friend. That close connection is not only powerful, but extremely important to the person saying " Yes, I'd love to help and donate!"  A recent survey by Nielson, a leading market research company, found that 92% of respondents said they trusted the recommendations of people they know. So Peer to Peer works primarily because of the connection people have to you! 


About the sign up Process.

1.) First you BECOME A FUNDRAISER . You put in an email address and make a password. Your set. 

2.) Next you'll be asked to pick if you want to campaign as an individual, join a team or create a team. Here's how to know what to pick. 

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Using the example of the Girl Scouts, here's an easy way to decide.

  • Being an INDIVIDUAL is just what it means. Think of it as instead of selling Girl Scout cookies with a group of girls in front of a grocery store, you decide you'd rather go door to door to your neighbors and friends. You share our pre-made campaign on social media such as Facebook or Twitter, or via text or email.                                                                                                                                     
  • Think of a JOIN A TEAM as a Girl Scout Troop which is established and you can join. If someone has already made a team, you will be able to see that team and you can ask to join that team or troop. Someone else is already the leader of that team, but you are on that team as well. You participate as an INDIVIDUAL on a TEAM. This is closest to the model of seeing a group of Girl Scouts in front of a store.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
  • The third choice is CREATE A TEAM. Creating a team would be like creating a troop. That troop or team can be made up of anyone you want to be on your team but you are all united in the same mission! Maybe its your close friends, maybe your church community group, maybe some of your co-workers, maybe your bike club. It's up to you to get creative. A troop is clearly going to reach more people and likely be more effective than an individual. If you are good at coordinating groups of people into action and they trust you, we'd love for you to consider CREATING A TEAM from people around you! 



The next section asks you to create your page. This is YOUR PAGE which will link your friends to the Touch Nepal fundraising campaign. 

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  • Choose an amount you feel comfortable wanting to raise.
  • Choose an ending date that you want your campaign to end.
  • Put in a catchy but clear headline or you can always just say "Please help me to reach my goal to help Touch"
  • You do not have to put in a short url if you do not want to. 
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  • Put in a fun photo of yourself! Be Bold. Be inspiring. 
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Wow! You've really earned your badge! The story of Touch Nepal, including photos and everything about your fundraising hopes are ready to be shared to your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter account. You can also send it via email or text! We have literally thought of everything except going door to door! Dressed and emboldened in green is not the time to be shy! It's that spirit and courage that brings new Girl Scouts to doorsteps across America each year! You're a fundraiser now with an important message to help people in Nepal so be brave and go for it. 


Still need help? 

Hope you had some fun learning. We think you are going to be monster of a fundraiser for Touch Nepal and we are most grateful. If you still feel like you want more help we want to help! Please email us at Remember to leave us your name and a phone number and we'll get back to you in the same day or sooner if you reach us before 4:00pm Pacific Time Monday through Friday. You can still expect a reply over the weekends but we're not at our desks. 

If you're ready to start just click the button below then select "become a fundraiser".