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Hetauda, Nepal (Makwanpur District)

Hetauda, Nepal (Makwanpur District)


Babu and sabitri varghese

When they were newly married, only three months, Babu and Sabitri started the seeds of what would become Blessed Children's Home with two orphaned children. That was 1994. Today Blessed Children's Home daily cares for the physical, educational and emotional needs of approximately 50 children, each with a wonderfully unique story of their journey there. Blessed Children's Home or BCH for short, is a true family where previous children of the home have now become adults and live to bless the next generation of children at BCH. There are only a few children's homes in Hetauda that are registered and approved to operate under the government's strict standards. Blessed Children's Home was the first in Makwanpur district and is looked at as one of the best by the local government for its outstanding care and concern for the children. The daily care required for the children includes fresh food, school uniforms, clothing, educational resources, activities, all health needs and support of the on site staff which is always caring for the needs of this many children! The grounds are impeccable due to the constant upkeep of the facility which also require maintenance and costs in order to provide a healthy, secure and yes, fun environment for the children to thrive in.

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Touch Nepal's impact within Blessed Children's Home

Touch Nepal has directly partnered with Blessed Children's Home for over fourteen years now! We were there when the home was in Birgunj, Nepal close to the India border and was known as Grace English Boarding School. We were praying in 2005 when Babu and Sabitri were arrested (click here). We were there when local radicals placed a bomb inside the property which exploded, injuring one young boy.  We were there when the home moved to it's current location in Hetauda, Nepal. Touch Nepal has directly supported  and witnessed many young children grow into thriving, happy, young adults. Some of those children have gone on to be pastors, business men and women, musicians, teachers, mother's and father's. The Blessed Children's Alumni is an annual celebration and reminder that Blessed Children's Home is a true family where hope and love isn't a far away dream but tangible and real. We have been there and we stand with Babu and Sabitri. Please consider supporting Babu and Sabitri and the Blessed Children's Home through Touch Nepal. Interested to know more about how your donations are handled? Please click here. 

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Every child deserves hope and a home.