Nepal Facts

Hey! We decided we should put some interesting and fun facts about Nepal here. It won’t be long and we’ll tell you about a few things including the time change, the Naan bread debate and more! Check back soon. –written July 3rd, 2015

1.) Bring a flashlight

The power goes off for about 2 to 6 hours in the night depending on where you live in Nepal. They call it load-shedding. They also call flash lights torch lights.

2.) Momos

Nepali’s love their momos and you should try them if you can. Need something fast? Momos it is! But don’t call them dumplings!

3.) Walking

Nepali’s drive on the left side of the road. So though you may not drive in Nepal, you will walk. Want to walk fast and not say excuse me a hundred times? Walk on the left, not the right side of the sidewalk when you can.

4.) Nepalese or Nepali?

Though we would say Nepalese to describe groups of Nepali people, Nepalis themselves have no word for this. So for most everything you can simply say the Nepali people, the Nepali language, they are Nepali, are you Nepali?, are they Nepali? etc.