Why Touch Nepal exists.

Touch Nepal is a non-profit organization that exists to fulfill Jesus’ commission to go into all the world. We partner with Nepali pastors and emerging leaders and their own God-given vision to reach their own people with the good news of Jesus. Instead of imposing a western agenda, we come alongside indigenous pastors and leaders through financial support, strategic planning, prayer, relationship building and education. Touch Nepal wants to see more and more Nepali people have an opportunity to hear the message of Jesus, to be reconciled with their Creator who loves them and live out a vibrant God-glorifying life in the freedom they were created for.


Why indigenous ministry?

Touch Nepal is devoted to supporting the indigenous ministries in Nepal. God has given us a heart for the Nepali pastors and leaders, who are already doing the work of the gospel—and doing it quite well. We have witnessed first-hand an astounding level of efficiency and effectiveness in the gospel among indigenous Christians in Nepal. Nepali leaders know the language, culture, worldview, and needs of the people in Nepal. They know the Hinduism that shackles their own people. They know the roads, the geography, the endless social “do’s and don’ts” that would take westerners years to learn. And these Nepali leaders minister with income much, much lower than what it would cost you and I to live in Nepal.
The Nepali church needs both the permanent embodied presence of missionary support, and the empowerment to do the work themselves. Touch Nepal is focused on the latter. We desire to empower the Nepali church to reach their own people for the glory of Jesus Christ.


How it started.

Our heart for Touch Nepal first started to beat back in 2005, when Adam took a YWAM trip to Nepal and met a couple of Nepalese pastors, Babu Varghese and Beki Maharjan, the same ones we currently support. In 2007 Adam returned to Nepal with several others from his church, including his pastor Mark Avery. After this second trip, Mark, Adam, and others continued to support the growing Nepal ministries through prayer, encouragement, and financial gifts. In 2012, Mark and Adam met Preston Sprinkle, whose heart was deeply stirred for what he saw God was doing in Nepal.

So in January 2013, Mark and Adam returned to Nepal with our newest team member Preston Sprinkle!  We visited the pastors and ministries we’ve been supporting and we looked into new work such as Khokana Leper Colony and Balkhu Slum Settlement. During this trip we visited ministry after ministry, church after church, and we saw the same thing: miraculous conversions, great faith and contagious zeal. But we also could see the many grinding needs that the young Nepalese church had. We were astonished, yet perhaps discouraged, by the comically small percentage of financial help that pastors and emerging leaders need to further the kingdom. Some pastors, for instance, were making no more than about $50 a month. Even a small increase in salary would enable them to share the gospel more effectively without being under the burden of constant financial strain.  What we’ve continued to see across the board is that a little goes a very long way in Nepal.

That’s Touch Nepal. We continue to invest. We continue to make trips to Nepal to build relationships and document the work first hand that our donors contribute to. With your support we’ll continue to come under and alongside  (but never in front of) indigenous ministries to further the kingdom of Christ in this Hindu nation.