Meet the team

We all have different stories and backgrounds that help paint the picture of what God is doing in Nepal. The Team supports the vision of the indigenous pastors and leaders towards their own people and does not directly cast vision and lead work in Nepal. The people we support have dedicated their lives for the furthering of the Gospel in Nepal. Some of that work includes giving shelter and food for orphans, children’s education, discipleship training,  Bible training, and provide essential needs such as food, health care and water for people in abject poverty.

Hetauda, Nepal

Beginning with only 2 children, Babu and his wife, Sabitri, established the Blessed Children’s Home (BCH) in the southern city of Birganj in 1995. In just over a decade, this number has grown to over 80 children, who are daily provided with food, clothing, shelter and a K-12 education; otherwise unattainable without the affluence of the upper class.

Upon meeting Babu and Sabitri, one is immediately struck by their gentle humility and genuine compassion. The warmth and hospitality they offer at BCH is a safe haven from the restless, overpopulated streets, infamous for child trafficking across the open border into neighboring India.

One of the devastating effects of child trafficking into India is the forced return of these children back to Nepal once they have subsequently contracted the sexually transmitted disease through forced prostitution, and upon return, abandoned by their own families. Thus arose the need for these children to be loved and protected when no one else would. Babu and Sabitri have recently opened such a facility in the city of Hetauda with their first 11 children.

Kathmandu, Nepal

The Touch Nepal team has worked with Beki for over 10 years! In 1995 Youth With A Mission ( YWAM) purchased land near Beki’s home and it wasn’t wasn’t long until Beki accepted Jesus! Beki has a strong heart for three things, travel, adventure and teaching others about Jesus! So off to India Beki went to complete his Discipleship Training School (DTS). Upon returning to Nepal, Beki continued to work with YWAM and traveled to remote areas to preach and teach. In 2004 Beki completed his Bachelor of Theology in Kathmandu and in 2011 Beki and his wife Aruna completed their Masters degrees. Beki is an accomplished Bible teacher and evangelist. Beki loves and lives the word GO! Especially the words of Jesus to go and make disciples! Beki’s adventurous heart, big smile and fun nature make him a pleasure to be with! Beki and his friends have been a powerhouse during and after the Nepal earthquake, distributing aid to remote villages and building temporary shelters for families who have lost everything. Beki is a central figure of Touch Nepal and it is our honor to serve along side him.

Kathmandu, Nepal

Bikash Pariyar is a new emerging leader in Nepal. We first met the well spoken Bikash in January 2014 while visiting Khokana Leper Colony with pastor Beki Maharjan and the Touch Nepal team. Bikash, who’s parents are both leprosy effected, lives inside Khokana. Bikash has a huge heart to also reach his own people, model his faith and work relationally within Khokana as Beki Maharjan has been doing there since 2004. Bikash has modeled the outreach opportunities and care previously established by Beki Maharjan. Bikash has a business degree and is very well educated. Using his gifts he took it upon himself to start to tutor the young children of leprosy effected people within Khokana. The after school program quickly grew and now it is in it’s own cottage building under the name Ray’s of Hope tutoring center. The tutoring program continues to grow and is reaching and blessing many Hindu children and their parents both in and outside of the colony. You can read a little more about Bikash’s story here.


Mark has been a leader for Touch Nepal since his early involvement in the ministry.   His involvement began upon meeting Adam Finlay and hearing his heart to support indigenous leaders whom he had met on an YWAM trip he went on in 2005.  God instantly and deeply shared His heart for Nepal with Mark.  Mark and Adam began Touch Nepal out of the “house churches” he pastored by simply creating an opportunity for the church members to give to real tangible needs in Nepal.  Months later a trip to Nepal started to become a reality and soon after Mark traveled with the 2007 team to document the water well building projects and to personally meet Babu and Beki whom Adam had met on the 2005 trip. Upon return Mark has maintained close communication with the indigenous leaders of Nepal, specifically Beki and Babu, keeping Touch Nepal’s relationship and dedication to them strong.

The gap in returning from 2007 to 2013 was fulfilled after meeting Preston Sprinkle. “For nearly six years we were looking for the right reason to return”, Mark explains. “I could see that God was starting the same work in Preston’s heart as He had in our own hearts”. When Preston approached Mark and Adam about returning to Nepal in 2013 they immediately knew the answer; “Let’s go.”


Adam Finlay is the creative director of a small video production company in Southern California, where he lives with his wife, Kim, and two children. He is currently studying at the London School of Theology and enjoys teaching and writing music.

Adam’s heart was first moved for the people of Nepal back in 2005, when he visited the country with YWAM. As he became more of a leading role in the house church that he was part of, he began to vocalize his passion for touching lives in Nepal by supporting the indigenous pastors he met on his 2005 trip. After many late night conversations with friends about the ministry opportunity in Nepal, Adam began forming the idea of Touch Nepal. Adam thought of the name “Touch” when thinking of many interactions that Jesus had with the people he came in contact with. The social boundaries and stigmas that fell to the wayside in every interaction with Jesus only could come from the selfless unreserved love from his “Touch”. Adam felt that “Touch” represented God’s heart for the people of Nepal.

Since the formation of Touch Nepal in 2006, Adam has made three trips back to Nepal. He feels blessed to be on the board of this organization and is always available to speak at churches and events to help others partner with the work of Touch Nepal.


Preston Sprinkle is a writer and a professor of Bible at Eternity Bible College in Simi Valley, CA.  He received his Ph.D. in New Testament and Judaism from Aberdeen University, Scotland, and prior to teaching at Eternity Bible College, he taught Bible and Theology at Nottingham University and Cedarville University.  Preston has written several books including Paul and Judaism Revisited (IVP 2013), Fight (David C. Cook 2013), and the New York Times bestselling Erasing Hell (David C. Cook 2011), which he co-authored with Francis Chan. Preston is married to his beautiful wife, Christine, and together they have four children.  As a family, the Sprinkles like to hike, fish, surf, camp, and anything that involves being outside.

Though he lives and ministers in the States, Preston has a huge heart for global missions.  He’s lived or ministered in over six countries and desires to use whatever gifts and resources he has to further the kingdom of God globally.  After meeting Mark and Adam in 2011, he quickly became excited about what God’s doing in Nepal and the rest is history.  Preston serves Touch Nepal as a writer and speaker, informing people about God’s kingdom in Nepal through pulpit and publication.


Being an adventurer at heart, Dathan is always ready to go, with his camera, to capture life through God’s lens. When Adam Finlay first shared about his visit to Nepal and the great things God was doing through the water well project, Dathan felt God pulling on his heart. He knew if he had the chance, he would go.

That chance came when his best friend, Mark Avery, said “We are going to Nepal!” So Mark, Dathan, Adam and Jon started praying and putting together a trip. When they arrived in Nepal in 2007, Dathan was blown away to see how Pastor Babu and Pastor Beki had accomplished so much with the little resources they had been given. Dathan was touched by the faithfulness of these two men and how they not only trusted God with everything, but how they also taught others to walk out a life sustained by the Lord.

Dathan had the chance to return to Nepal in 2013 with Mark, Adam and Preston. That trip grew his faith immensely. He was able to see the people and ministries that Babu and Beki, in God’s wisdom, had sown into and how they flourished. Dathan was able to reconnect with old friends he had met six years earlier, and see how God had used their work for the Lord. He was also able to capture photos and video to bring back to share the amazing ways God is moving in Nepal. Dathan plans to return to Nepal next year. He feels honored to be a part of the Touch Nepal team.


In 2006, at his local church, Jon Fish first heard about the various needs in Nepal, specifically a blind man named Gyanendra who lived on the streets Kathmandu with his wife and child. Jon was moved after hearing about the poverty that Gyanendra’s family lived in and felt lead to give financially to his needs. That night the group raised $400 and sent it to Gyanendra. Several weeks later the group was notified that Gyanendra rented a room for him and his family to live in with beds and a stove, started his own business and put his child into education. After hearing this testimony and witnessing how much a little money affects the people in Nepal, Jon found himself jumping head first into Touch Nepal.

Jon later went on the 2007 trip to Nepal with Mark, Adam and Dathan. They went to Nepalgunj to see the outcome of funding wells in rural villages and visited the Blessed Childerens Home (BCH) in Birgunj where he met Babu.

Since then Jon has worked on creating the logo and website for Touch Nepal. His hope is to see American culture touched in the processes of touching Nepal.