8 Christians arrested & released from prison

Posted by on Jun 20, 2016

  Nepal has been debating its anti-conversion bill. The law as written stipulates, “Preaching, testifying, and counselling people for religious matter and leading them to new religion other than their forefathers’ traditions is considered as crime. The punishment is 5 years imprisonment as well as Nrs 50000/ fine for those who break the Law.” Although the law has not officially been passed, Christians are already feeling the impact. On June 9th, 2016 seven teachers, (six brothers and 1 sister) were taken into custody and jailed for distributing religious materials while teaching children about earthquake related awareness programs. On June 13th their pastor Shakti Pakhrin was also taken into custody and jailed. Excerpts taken from harvestbridge.org/blog/arrests-nepal/ June 9th 2016. Brothers and sisters in handcuff and being taken to the police custody in Nepal. Originally Posted by Rc Silvans via Facebook (Photo Cr. Bala Shiwakoti) The seven being booked on June 9th. Originally Posted by Rc Silvans via Facebook Pastor Shakti Pakhrin was also arrested by police on 6/13/2016 in Dolakha Central Nepal. He is in police custody and being held where the other 7 brothers and a sister are being held. Posted by Rc Silvans via Facebook All 8 were released on June17th. Posted by Rc Silvans via Facebook Originally Posted by Rc Silvans via...

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2nd large quake shatters the remaining nerves of Nepal and adds to the destruction

Posted by on May 6, 2015

A summary of Tuesday’s second 7.3 earthquake Tuesday May 12th, a second earthquake hit Nepal in the mid afternoon with a magnitude reaching 7.3, the US Geological Survey said. • The epicenter was in the east of  Sindupalchowk District which is halfway between Mount Everest and Kathmandu, and close to the border with Tibet • At least 76 people in India and Nepal as well as one person in Tibet have been confirmed dead • More than 2,000 have been injured • The quake was felt as far away as New Delhi • Scientists said the quake was part of a chain reaction set off by the larger one that struck on April 25 • There were at least 17 aftershocks following the quake • Many previously damaged buildings fall. • Nearly all of Kathmandu sleeps outside for the next 3-10 days • Touch Nepal Earthquake Relief fund in full swing. Please consider a tax deductible donation today to help the people of Nepal.  DONATE HERE    ...

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7.8 magnitude earthquake brings Nepal to it’s knees

Posted by on Apr 26, 2015

It’s not just Nepal brought to it’s knees. We are all praying around the world for the mercy of God to shine in this tragedy. Our pastors and leaders are ministering day and night to the people around them. Please follow us at www.facebook/touchnepal to get up to date information on the earthquake in Nepal and news on the pastors and leaders we work with. We have set up a Earthquake Relief Fund. Please consider a gift to help the people of Nepal. Your gift is tax deductible....

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Slum God.

Posted by on Apr 7, 2015

Please following the link below to read Dr. Preston Sprinkle’s  post on God alive in the Balkhu Slum Settlement of Kathmandu, Nepal...

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