Our thoughts about money

Our goal is not to alleviate material poverty in Nepal. Even if we did end poverty in Nepal, all this would mean is that a largely Hindu country would be wealthier. Our primary goal is is also not to alleviate material poverty among Christians in Nepal. As the western church has shown, wealth doesn’t necessarily advance the kingdom; oftentimes as we’ve seen, it cripples it. We don’t want to produce middle-class “western-like” Christians in Nepal.

We desire to offer holistic support to the church in Nepal—meeting both the spiritual and physical needs necessary for furthering the gospel.

Our principles of giving

The western church has been involved in giving money to poorer countries for quite some time. Such generosity has been both a success and failure. In order to not hinder the growing Nepalese church in the long run, we consider and implement the following principles:

  1. Empowerment not dependency. We desire to give money in a way that will empower people, not produce long-term dependency.
  2. Strategic giving. We want to rightly diagnose the problem before we determine the solution. Material poverty is a complex problem, a problem rarely fixed by ongoing charity. This is why Touch Nepal depends upon faithful Nepalese leaders to determine both the problems and help identify the best solution to enable the church in Nepal to pursue more avenues of kingdom advancement.
  3. Partnership not charity. Financial contributions are made in the context of relationship. We are not a bank or a lending agency. We are partners in the gospel with the Nepalese church. We desire to maintain a strong relationship with the people were are financially supporting.
  4. Gospel oriented generosity. Relieving poverty is not the goal. Bringing people into a deeper relationship with their Creator is. Therefore, all giving is aimed at this goal.


One of the priorities of Touch Nepal is to work with only those pastors and leaders who have proven themselves to be 100% faithful to the calling and with the resources that are entrusted to them. Where other ministries rely solely on getting reports back directly from the individual(s) supported, Touch Nepal uses direct reporting, plus live visits to the ministries by our in country Nepali pastors, Nepali leaders and ourselves to ensure that the work and ministries that are supported are looked at by multiple people. We also regularly Skype Meet with our Pastors and Leaders as we maintain our relationships and our mandated 100% transparency policy amongst all who are supported under Touch Nepal.

Our commitment to efficiency

Touch Nepal is committed to running as efficiently as possible for our donors. Our passion is to see your donations contribute to the growth of the gospel in Nepal. Therefore, none of us takes an ounce of pay or salary from your donations. We will never spend your money on attending conferences, or “working lunches.” Touch Nepal’s main operational expenses are donation processing fees. Our last financial snapshot in June 2015 showed our operational expenses at just under 4%! That is under half of the operational costs of the best run non-profits.