2nd large quake shatters the remaining nerves of Nepal and adds to the destruction

Posted by on May 6, 2015

A summary of Tuesday’s second 7.3 earthquake

Tuesday May 12th, a second earthquake hit Nepal in the mid afternoon with a magnitude reaching 7.3, the US Geological Survey said.

• The epicenter was in the east of  Sindupalchowk District which is halfway between Mount Everest and Kathmandu, and close to the border with Tibet
• At least 76 people in India and Nepal as well as one person in Tibet have been confirmed dead
• More than 2,000 have been injured
• The quake was felt as far away as New Delhi
• Scientists said the quake was part of a chain reaction set off by the larger one that struck on April 25
• There were at least 17 aftershocks following the quake

• Many previously damaged buildings fall.
• Nearly all of Kathmandu sleeps outside for the next 3-10 days

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Nepal Earthquake

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