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8 arrested in Nepal for sharing faith.

Nepal has been debating its anti-conversion bill. The law as written stipulates,

“Preaching, testifying, and counselling people for religious matter and leading them to new religion other than their forefathers’ traditions is considered as crime. The punishment is 5 years imprisonment as well as Nrs 50000/ fine for those who break the Law.”

Although the law has not officially been passed, Christians are already feeling the impact. On June 9th, 2016 seven teachers, (six brothers and 1 sister) were taken into custody and jailed for distributing religious materials while teaching children about earthquake related awareness programs. On June 13th their pastor Shakti Pakhrin was also taken into custody and jailed.

Excerpts taken from harvestbridge.org/blog/arrests-nepal/

arrested 1

June 9th 2016. Brothers and sisters in handcuff and being taken to the police custody in Nepal. Originally Posted by Rc Silvans via Facebook
(Photo Cr. Bala Shiwakoti)

arrested 2

The seven being booked on June 9th. Originally Posted by Rc Silvans via Facebook

arrested 3

Pastor Shakti Pakhrin was also arrested by police on 6/13/2016 in Dolakha Central Nepal. He is in police custody and being held where the other 7 brothers and a sister are being held. Posted by Rc Silvans via Facebook

arrested_released 1

All 8 were released on June17th. Posted by Rc Silvans via Facebook

arrested_released 5 arrested_released 4arrested_released 3 arrested_released 2

Originally Posted by Rc Silvans via Facebook


Blockade ends after 135 days but it’s not all open arms.

February 5th 2016. The key Birgunj entry point along the Nepal-India border re-opened!  The agitated United Democratic Madhesi Front took over the border for over 135 days in protest to their lack of representation under the new constitution. The blockade stopped fuel, vital medicines, cooking gas and other crucial everyday necessities from entering Nepal. On Friday evening February 5th,a small group of citizens over-took weary protestors and tore down their fortified bamboo barricades. Good news is that supplies are coming through for the people of Nepal though protests and demonstrations will likely continue.









Tears & Joy. What a year for Nepal!

From earthquakes to a new constitution, Nepal has endured.


Nepal embraced it’s long fought new constitution on September 20th, 2015. Celebrations erupted all over the country as millions of rejoicing people lit lamps and came out onto the streets! Nepal has operated without a formal constitution since 2006!
This country has been fighting for this day for almost 9 years since it first revolted against it’s single ruler king monarchy. On May 18, 2006 they took away the king’s power, Nepal became a secular country and would no longer be known as a Hindu kingdom, Even the past national anthem was scrapped until a new one would be arranged! Link below. Congratulations beautiful Nepal!!


New Video click here. Wonderful Nepal before and after video through the eyes of locals we know!



Touch Nepal Team arrives home.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 6.46.02 PM

Welcome back! The team hikes in a remote mountain area of Sindhupalchok. Touch Nepal has been working in this area to bring earthquake relief and bring food and other necessities to the isolated villagers. September 25th marks five months since the first earthquake.Touch Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund is a success of generosity. $21,325.00 of earthquake relief landed directly in our pastor’s hands to provide aid to their neighbors and surrounding villages.



About Touch Nepal

Touch Nepal is a non-profit organization that exists to fulfill Jesus’ commission to go into all the world. We partner with Nepali pastors and emerging leaders and their God-given vision to reach their own people with the good news of Jesus. Instead of imposing a western agenda, we come alongside indigenous pastors and leaders through financial support, education, prayer, relationships, and strategic planning. Touch Nepal wants to see more and more Nepali people have an opportunity to hear the message of Jesus and be reconciled with their Creator who loves them and live the full God-glorifying life they were created for.



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